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Live the Life of Your Dreams – Why Not You? Why Not Now?

Too many people today are frustrated with their current life. Tammy shakes up her audience with the recognition that no matter what you are doing in life—TODAY is the perfect day to start living your dream life. Sometimes dreams come in overalls, and she unveils how to start – while working the day job! Based upon her best-selling book, “Drink Fine Wine…Ride Fine Horses – Leading the Life of Your Dreams!”

GREAT FOR: for motivational keynotes, women business owners or Entrepreneurs


How to Give a Dazzling Performance: Become the MVP of Your Organization

Would you win an “Oscar” for your performance? Learn how to create a brand and market yourself – you need to start “tooting your own horn!” Tammy will unveil creative ways to “sell” the value of you and your department and take a more active role in marketing your worth, expertise and contributions. Strive to be MVP for your organization!

GREAT FOR: Government or Corporate Employee Groups

“Your presentation was spot on regarding branding our department  and how we need to brag about our accomplishments.  Thanks again for your insight and words of encouragement. You definitely “dazzled” me!”

-PPA of North Texas


Ethics: Black & White OR Shades of Grey?

Government employees can lead a very black and white life – with lots of rules, regulations and policies to follow. However, what happens when something falls outside – or between – those rules? When we enter “shades of grey.” Where do you draw the line? Is your line the same as your peers? What if the situation changes…does the line get drawn again? Discover the 3 key areas where ethics can be challenged, hear stories of where things could go really right or really wrong, and test yourself on where to draw the line for yourself and your team? Sound easy? Oh no, be prepared to question yourself and your peers on how they decide to handle tough situations!

Great for: Non-profit or government teams

Your keynote presentation on ethics started our annual conference in a fun and positive way…thanks!

California Association of Public Procurement Officials


Propel Sales and Navigate the Government Maze

Trying to win a government contract can be daunting.  As a former Purchasing Agent for the nation’s 9th largest City and having worked on the other side of the table in corporate sales for Fortune 1000 companies, Tammy has seen every type of sales presentation…and can share what works and what doesn’t.  Discover how to make the fiscal year work in your favor, how to use existing contracts, and tips of the trade to make you stand out in the field.  Using a lot of government insight and a bit of fun, Tammy shares how to be a world-class closer.

GREAT FOR: Corporate and Government Sales Teams

“Your presentation received solid reviews from our attendees. Thank you for lending your experience and insight to this important topic…extremely beneficial for our dealers.”

-Government Sales Team for Furniture Manufacturer

This presentation has been successful at these sales conferences:

  • IT and computer
  • Furniture and office design
  • Maintenance, Repair and Operational Products
  • Auto Parts and Services
  • Office and Janitorial Supplies
  • Government Products and Services


Alligator Presentations: How to have a big smile – and tough skin – to present to a tough audience

Giving a presentation is hard. And even harder when facing a tough audience, like a City Council or Board. This session will share the skills to organize your presentation, tell the “story” of your proposal, face the tough questions, and get the approval or votes that are needed. No one teaches you how to present in this way…learn from someone who has faced some tough audiences and survived to share her insights!

GREAT FOR: Government or Non-Profit Managers

Contract Management

Real scenarios will provide the audience to learn through problem-solving and anticipating the unexpected that may occur during a contract.

Learn the nuts and bolts of what makes a good specification and scope of work; Identify vulnerabilities and common problem areas; Discover ways to audit and monitor performance; View the contract from the vendor’s point of view and anticipate problems or issues; Obtain an example of a vendor complaint form with ideas to create your own version and Unveil steps to prepare for the next contract and how to make it even better. Putting a contract in place takes a few months…managing a contract well can take you over the course of several years. That’s where the real value is gained in any contract.

Great for: Procurement and Contract Manager teams

The speaker was great!  The content was great!  The whole event was great!

Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association

THANK YOU for helping make this year’s NPI Conference a success!  Your contribution as a speaker was appreciated by the Board and conference delegates.

National Purchasing Institute